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Special Wedding Venues


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Wedding in a Castle

Plan your fairytale abroad wedding in a Castle

Celebrate your wedding in a castle offers you the possibility to feel like a Queen and a King for a day. Your wedding held in one of the castles in Hungary will be like a fairytale and a magical memory to remember forever. The castles are usually in the countryside, out of the capital city. Just imagine having your wedding in your „own” castle among ancient furnitures and paintings but with the comforts of nowadays. You may be sure that your guests will be very fascinated and thankful to you for participating in this magical fairytale. Many castles have mighty garden full of old trees and beautiful flowers and some of them have small chapels where religious ceremonies can be held.


Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are romantic and amazing

The hotels, villas, and castles with nice terraces and beautiful gardens give you especial venues for your outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions. Wedding celebrations can happen in a romantic garden of a Castle which is full of beautiful flowers and mighty old trees or on the smooth green grass of a Villa or on a romantic Boat which softly slips on the river Danube from where the view of Budapest down-town is amazing. A nice Boat on river Danube or on lake Balaton also can be a special outdoor venue of your unique wedding. Either of the outdoor venues you choose you can be sure of having an unforgettable wedding day in Hungary. If you fond of horses, you could celebrate your wedding in a Horse Farm as a special wedding venue. You and your fiancée arrive on horseback and say yes to each other. Holding your wedding in Wineries is so unique and exciting. The beautiful landscape which is surrounding you, excellent wines what you can taste with your guests can be also an interesting programme during your wedding day and your stay. Golf courses can be an elegant and unique venue for your unforgettable wedding in Hungary.



The Villas are situated in an elegant area of the city center

Both wedding ceremony and reception can be arranged in the villas. Some of them has civil ceremony office so civil ceremony also can be held in the villa and then the party in the mediterranean park. These magnificent settings provide unique charm for creating a very special wedding day.


Wedding Boat trip

Wedding boat trip on the river Danube

Enjoy a memorable boat trip with your family and friends on the river Danube with some drinks and gipsy music meanwhile the boat is softly slips on the river and all of you can admire the beautiful view of Budapest down-town. The trip can be organised before the wedding day, or between the wedding ceremonies and wedding party on the wedding day. There are also big boats where wedding ceremony and wedding party can be held on in one place. Panoramic terraces, mighty rooms, fine cuisine, professional wedding service providers, so everything together what is needed for a special and unique wedding day in Hungary.


Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is a marvellous start

The rehearsal dinner is a marvellous start of your wedding celebration in Hungary. It can be less formal event because usually fewer guests are invited to than the wedding party. This kind of dinner must be full of fun and joy. So, it can be the right start for an unforgettable wedding celebration.

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